Ämari Air Force Cemetery

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The Ämari Air Force Cemetery is located in the small borough of Ämari, in Harju County, in northern Estonia, near the Ämari Air Base. The cemetery contains the graves of Soviet pilots killed in action during the Soviet occupation of Estonia; their graves adorned with tail fins of Russian-built combat aircraft. Some say, the airplane parts were taken from the actual aircraft involved in the accident but that’s difficult to prove. The parts could have easily be taken from other planes.

The cemetery was established probably after 1945. According to a badly translated Wikipedia article, the cemetery was built at the site of a former cemetery for burying casualties of the war. When the air force camp was liquidated, the cemetery was leveled and houses were built over it, but not before the graves of the old cemetery were moved to a new location. Although Estonia is now an independent democracy, this Soviet cemetery, now surrounded by deep woods, is still well maintained.


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