Sky Habitat, Singapore’s Newest Housing Complex

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Just twenty minutes north of Singapore’s bustling center, near Bishan central, a new residential development is taking shape. Designed by the renowned Moshe Safdie – the Israeli-Canadian architect responsible for the city-state’s famed Marina Bay Sands resort – ‘Sky Habitat’ is a 38-storey, high-density and high-rise housing complex designed for the upper-middle-class that are typical of Singapore.

The condominium features two staggered tower blocks linked at the base, and then via three bridges that connect the upper levels. The lower two spans are landscaped circulation routes, while the upper bridge contains an elevated swimming pool, which presents views across the city’s rapidly developing skyline. The project includes common amenities at ground level in the form of outdoor spaces and communal gardens. Above a sunken parking podium, the site is developed into a series of lush gardens, outdoor event rooms, swimming pools, and walking paths.


The entire structure is well ventilated and open for both air and light, much-needed for Singapore's tropical climate. This kind of design also provides a maximized view for visitors and public areas.

Sky Habitat is expected for completion in 2015.









Computer generated imagery of the finished complex.


Computer generated imagery of the finished complex.


Computer generated imagery of the finished complex.

via Design Boom

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