Guy Laramee’s Latest Book Carvings of Brazilian Mountains

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Master sculptor Guy Laramee (previously on Amusing Planet) who specializes in book carving has unveiled his latest series of book sculptures, where he captures the mystique of the native birds of the Brazilian region Serra do Corvo Branco (Range of the White Raven) through both portrait and carved landscape. Entitled Onde Elles Moran (Where They Live), the series consist of nine books the covers of which have been painted with a different sort of bird that’s native to the Serra do Corvo Branco region of Brazil, while the pages were carved and painted to resemble the landscapes that the birds call home. The books themselves are secondhand copies of Classicos Jackson, a Brazilian series of literary classics published in the 1950s.


From This is Colossal:

Although Laramée had originally planned to photograph the vast canyons of the region during his 4-month visit, the diversity, songs, and liveliness of the native birds kept persuading him to eclipse the beautiful scenes with their portraits. The series is dedicated to these birds and their habitat, each book containing a portrait of one on the cover against a faded background and an environmental carving into the pages of the book on the opposite side. The size ratio of the bird to corresponding landscape highlights the creatures’ importance, acknowledging their role as the true owners and rulers of the region.














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