Bierpinsel: Berlin’s Beer Brush Building

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The Bierpinsel, officially the “Tower Restaurant Steglitz”, was supposed to look like a tree, but it ended up looking like a gigantic brush, so locals it Bierpinsel, which is literally “beer brush”.

The ridiculous structure is 46 meters tall and was built over a four-year-period in the 1970s. The building has three floors that housed restaurants, pubs and a discotheque, but none could last long enough. The building was eventually sold in 2002. Since 2006, the Bierpinsel has been closed. The new owner wants to rebuild the entire area which means demolishing the iconic structure, a decision which was met with some criticism. The future of the building is uncertain.


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Photo credit: mompl/Flickr


Photo credit: ANBerlin/Flickr


Photo credit: Jochen Hencke/Flickr

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