Homes at Night – Stunning photography by Todd Hido

Dec 24, 2008 5 comments

A stunning series of eerie, low-light photos by photographer Todd Hido called Homes at Night from his book House Hunting. Some of these photos were taken with exposure time as long as 10 minutes because of the extremely low light.

todd hido (22)

todd hido (1)

todd hido (2)

todd hido (25)

todd hido (4)

todd hido (5)

todd hido

todd hido1 (1)

todd hido1 (2)

todd hido1 (3)

todd hido1 (4)

todd hido (7)

todd hido (8)

todd hido (9)

todd hido (11)

todd hido (12)

todd hido (14)

todd hido (15)

todd hido (19)

todd hido (20)

todd hido (23)

todd hido (24)

todd hido (3)

Sources: Stephen Writz Gallery, NPR, Todd Hido


  1. This should be called "Low Income Homes At Night". I can't relate to any of them. Got any middle class homes at night?

  2. just what I was thinking lol

    I think one of them is from the suburbs

  3. okay his book costs $300.00 on amazon. Hope he donates that money to the people that live in this sad homes.

  4. First reaction negative to most of these pictures but took another look and began to see the abstract compositions and how beautiful they are. The mystery of the lives within is disturbing and provocative as intended.

  5. I am attracted to these everyday scenes of buildings, edifices, houses, et al at night. Photographer does some fine work here because the night sky has atmosphone, clouds, haze in these photos prevent the night images from having too much contrast . A clear pitch black sky has too much contrast . When i take these types of photos, i try to work/photograph during the "magic hour' or blue hour. That's approximately just after the sun sets and within the hour after sunset (and of course just the opposite predawn). That gives you some wonderful shades of blue becoming darker the further up from the horizon in the background(although when i was an active professional i wish i would have my camera on tripod to the south, north and east more often at the magic hour beginning at dusk) , and that quintessential balance of "man made light" and sky light, and detail on the outside walls of your subject matter.


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