Photo realistic pencil sketches of celebrities

Apr 24, 2009 39 comments

This guy has got some amazing talent.

pencil-skteches (15)


pencil-skteches (1)

pencil-skteches (2)

pencil-skteches (3)

pencil-skteches (4)

pencil-skteches (5)

pencil-skteches (6)

pencil-skteches (7) 

pencil-skteches (9)

pencil-skteches (10)

pencil-skteches (11)

pencil-skteches (12)

pencil-skteches (13)

pencil-skteches (14) 

Also checkout the works of another talented artist, Linda Huber and Rob Hefferan.


  1. beautiful work! My God I wish I were that talented! Not quite accurate to call it "photorealistic".

  2. copying photographs of celebrities isn't really the best use of what seems to be a fairly advanced grasp of rendering using a pencil..

  3. Yeah, i saw these on deviantart. The man has decent technical skills, but as the person above said, copying photos isn't such an impressive thing.
    But of course, nowadays most people don't have the slightest understanding of art, so anything 'realistic' or 'fantasy' will do.

    1. Creatively this isn't an impressive feat due to the nature of the drawings. I also don't think it's fair to say that people can't appreciate a piece for what it is. Not everything has to be an expressive masterpiece or even hold deeper meaning to have artistic value. Also, nowadays? There are just as many people now who "understand" art as there were years ago, maybe even more. Same goes for those who don't understand art. Not everyone can see deeper meaning in art, a lot of times it's just a bunch of ugly lines or weird sculptures with weird shapes. Many don't care for interpretive art, and I think that is OK.

  4. It's an impressive skill. You might as well take a photo hey?

    Maybe erase the background and then play around with some filters on photoshop...

  5. honestly your judging someone with enough talent to portray a almost exact replica of a photograph. how can you possible think it isnt art. i can honestly say its one of the most hardest things to do because of how accurate every single line has to be. keep up your amazing work and fuck the rest of the insignifiCUNTS who think its cheap art.

  6. It's not like you're born able to draw that well, copying celeb photos could be seen as PRACTICING to develop the high quality skill. Plus there's a mass appeal.

  7. I copy picture to get better. But the ones I'm really proud of are the ones I draw by myself...but this guy/gal...OMG I wish I could even COPY that good.

  8. yeah agreed with the one above :)...i suck at just trying to copydraw from pictures

  9. How do you know he's not just photoshopping pictures?

  10. Yeah, it seems like it would be easy for someone to do.

  11. AMAZING!!! if you're not photo shopping this of course... still =)

  12. I agree that it is not impressive to just create exact replicas of photos. Boring even. I like drawings with an idea behind it. Someone should tell the artist that awhile back there is this thing called a camera that was invented. Makes him/her obsolete.

  13. Well... copying something real IS in fact, art. It's like saying a still life isn't a work of art. Being able to translate something real into pencil is art to me. And I would like all these morons to try to do the amazing work you do. Brava!

  14. Although both are talented, Linda Huber is on a league of her own.

  15. Very nice work but I don't think people should be comparing these to the art of someone drawing from their own minds rather than a photo. Drawing that accurately is very hard using a photo because he can't deviate from it at all. Drawing from your mind, however, you lack the base that photos give but you can also make the person look however you want. They both give restrictions and freedoms in balance with each other.

    Just saying they should be judged separately, not compared. Still, very nice. Wish I could do that.

  16. very beautiful :)

  17. try copying a photo yourself, it is in no way easy. just like drawing from a still life, or life drawing isn't easy. making people look accurate...and THAT accurate is one of the hardest things to do in drawing. yes, it's not imaginative, but that is not all there is to art. there are plenty of people that only create work from their minds and it is considered awful and some of those people cannot actually draw anything with "accuracy". believe me, i have an art degree and have seen many people struggle.

    if i saw this in a gallery, i would be sort of bored, but also impressed at the same time. drawing simple details such as the cornea of a person's eye can take hours if you can't get it right. so i appreciate the skill this person has. what might make this work "amazing" would be adding imagination to the work. but nonetheless, there is clear talent here, not to be shrugged off.

  18. it may not be fine art but there is nothing wrong with recognizing and appreciating talent and ability of any kind. i could not do what this person does, therefore, i am impressed!

  19. It's also not art in the sense that the artist did not create the composition, subject, mood, etc, that was already in the photo he/she copied.

    Something of that quality takes a few hours at most to churn out, and is more of a fun practice than something to display as real art.

    In a sense, the photo is doing the work for you, because the 3D person has already been made into a 2D image. Do figure studies next time.

  20. Too bad all that talent is wasted on celebrities.

  21. Gorgeous. I wish I could draw that good. I'm so jealous. =]

  22. Shepard Fairey was just sued for using a time magazine photo as a loose reference for his portrait of Obama. (very loose in my opinion If Fairey's work is "stolen, I'd have to agree with the camp that this artist, while a talented draftsman, is using the photographer's eye for composition, value, pose, personality, etc. as a crutch. Great technical exercise, but where would he be without a photographer? And aren't these copyrighted photos?

  23. I enjoy the fact that the artist is probably fully aware that s/he is regurgitating another person's hard work down the eager throats of celebrity-obsessed halfwits. I have comparable rendering skills and I've certainly considered taking people's money for the privilege of defecating in their retinas, but that whole, "respecting the photographer thing," always stopped me...

  24. As stated previously in this thread these are mostly done as exercises, and copying the masters and now widespread photoes are an excellent way of doing so and has been used in art academies since basically forever (the copying not photos obviously) and I can't see why he's not allowed to show his technical skill with these and the photograhper should be rather pleased that an artist would use his or her work. These drawings take an incredible amount of time to do, so no they are not necessarily photoshopped just because they are accurate.

    Another artist I would recommend in this category would be a Danish girl named Zindy:

  25. Very nice Pencil drawings
    I like also Dirk Dzimirsky his
    pencil drawings lookin more realistic to me
    like this here:

    And Oil-paintings
    I like very much of Iman Maleki from Theran
    He did received the William Bouguereau award

  26. A popular technique is called hatching or cross hatching technique, which is essentially using the shadow lines. Another popular technique is called stroking technique where you use a strain of paper or finger to create blends smoothly. The combination of these techniques pencil artist eloquently capture the desired effect on the paper.

    promotional pens

  27. i think its unreal... if you did actually draw it :)

  28. What's the name of the great Artist of Photo
    realistic pencil sketches posted above ?

  29. I am just learning to draw and one day hope to be able to create (recreate) pictures like these. I would also like to say, as a beginner learning how to draw what I see, even as some say copying a picture is how I learn to do the skills I will need to create this type of Art form my eye.

    Some of these post sound like Sour Grapes. I'll be impressed and strive to get as good as these while I work on my own art

  30. If u drew these pictures,excellent work.....continue to sharpen yor craft.... PRACTICE MAKES BETTER!!! If u didn't draw these,get the fuck out my lane and stop portrayin to be something ure not, KAPEESH!!!

  31. This person is an amazing artist! stop asking if he used photoshop because talents exist and he HAS one! you can walk around in quebec city and see artists like that being payed to draw your portrait! congrats!

  32. i am not an art student neither do i know much about art but i do like art very much. whatever you say about the nature or quality of this art i believe this person has got talent and skills for which he must be appreciated.

  33. I have just red a lot of the comments about this artist is art no-matter how he dose it , i use photos too also a light box, when i am painting my subjects sometimes it is the best way to have someone sit still it is always the critics out their that rubbish some ones talent and ability no matter how good or how well the technique, even the girl with the purl earring painted in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer used a light box to do the initial outline of her. the artist is dam good Art is in the eye of the beholder try to by one of Vermeer,s paintings now

  34. Very excellent Work. Thumbs up

  35. Wish I had your talent. Amazing work. Ignore the negative comments. You are very gifted.


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