Wax Figures of Celebrities

Mar 25, 2010 3 comments

The gallery below displays a collection of wax figures of celebrities at the Madam Tussauds museum. Pictures of the celebrities in flesh is provided along side for comparison. Some of them are pretty hard to distinguish.

Kate Moss

wax-celebrities (1)

Jessica Simpson

wax-celebrities (44)

Jennifer Aniston

wax-celebrities (36)

Heidi Klum

wax-celebrities (2)

Nicole Kidman

wax-celebrities (7)

Lindsay Lohan

wax-celebrities (8)

Prince William

wax-celebrities (39)


wax-celebrities (47)

Daniel Radcliffe

wax-celebrities (3)

Halle Berry

wax-celebrities (4)

Ryan Seacrest

wax-celebrities (5)

Justin Timberlake

wax-celebrities (6)

Bruce Willis

wax-celebrities (9)

Serena Williams

wax-celebrities (10)

Simon Cowell

wax-celebrities (11)

Clint Eastwood

wax-celebrities (12)

George Clooney

wax-celebrities (13)

Derek Jeter

wax-celebrities (14)

Amy Winehouse

wax-celebrities (15)

Miley Cyrus

wax-celebrities (16)

Pope Benedict XVI

wax-celebrities (21)

Drew Barrymore

wax-celebrities (22)

Penelope Cruz

wax-celebrities (23)

Jennifer Lopez

wax-celebrities (24)

Prince Harry of Wales

wax-celebrities (25)


wax-celebrities (26)

Michael Jackson

wax-celebrities (27)

Lance Armstrong

wax-celebrities (28)

Tyra Banks

wax-celebrities (37)


wax-celebrities (35)

Britney Spears

wax-celebrities (38)

Frank Sinatra

wax-celebrities (41)

Daniel Craig

wax-celebrities (42)

Michelle Obama

wax-celebrities (43)

Jim Carrey

wax-celebrities (45)

Yao Ming

wax-celebrities (46)


wax-celebrities (48)


wax-celebrities (49)

Cameron Diaz

wax-celebrities (50)

Rachael Ray

wax-celebrities (51)

Paris Hilton

wax-celebrities (52)

Christina Aguilera

wax-celebrities (53)

Victoria and David Beckham

wax-celebrities (54)

Colin Farrell

wax-celebrities (55)

Al Roker

wax-celebrities (17)

Jamie Foxx

wax-celebrities (18)

Hugh Jackman

wax-celebrities (19)

Leonardo di Caprio

wax-celebrities (20)


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