The Fantastic Sinking Boat by Julien Berthier

Apr 1, 2010 17 comments

Love-love is a perpetually sinking boat created by French artist Julien Berthier. The boat appears to be sinking but never actually does, thanks to its clever design.

For this piece he adapted an abandoned 6.5 meter yacht so that it appears to be perpetually sinking. To create this, the vessel was split and a new keel was constructed allowing it to be sailed by Berthier at a 45 degree angle off the coast of Normandy.

sinking-boat (9)

In this project, the artist invests his energies and resources into creating an art of fiasco, aiming in his words to “fix an object at the moment of its deregulation.” The image, and metaphor of the sinking ship is an iconic one – it signifies death, lost hope and sinking dreams. Berthier’s Love-Love freezes those sentiments permanently both celebrating and overturning them. On display in the gallery will be the boat itself as well as a series of accompanying photographs and documentary video showing the performance in Normandy.

The boat now belongs to some wealthy London Banker to whom he sold it for £50,000.

sinking-boat (1)

sinking-boat (8)

sinking-boat (2)

sinking-boat (3)

sinking-boat (4)

sinking-boat (5)

sinking-boat (6)

sinking-boat (7)


  1. it's so bold, it's so wonderful so fabulous!

  2. Clever for sure, but you have to wonder how many false alarms have been raised as a result of others thinking that it really was a ship in distress.

  3. too much time and money on his hands I fear

  4. Art sinks to new depths! But what a wonderful concept - the perfect spoof.

  5. his hull's waterline is not very accurate.

  6. ..then you wake up drunk.

  7. somehow this boat looks strange! hmmm, looks like it would sink!!! hahaa.

  8. Nice invention! How many people can stay in the boat?

  9. Really funny boat! Face of people looking at this- priceless :D


  10. These are some great boat pictures. Great Gallery. Seb-

  11. at the top it says "thanks to it’s clever design."
    Where's apostrophe man when you need him? the correct phrase would be "thanks to its clever design."

  12. Is this for real? I notice the date of publication was 1 April...

  13. What the artist should have done was got some more from a major insurance company and used as an advert for them.

    "Get a peice of the rock"
    or nationwide or statefarm.

    Just sayin!

  14. Yes,... very, very interesting, even funny!
    But than, ... really, how many false alarms?!

    1. then = order of operations.
      than = comparison of two things


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