The Mysterious Manpupuner Rock Formations

May 21, 2010 3 comments

The Manpupuner rock formations also known as the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations are a set of 7 gigantic abnormally shaped stone pillars located north of the Ural mountains in the Komi Republic, Russia. These monoliths are around 30 to42 meters high and jut out of a hilly plateau out of nowhere.

manpupuner (3)

Deemed one of the Seven Wonders of Russia, the weather-beaten Manpupuner rock formations are a very popular attraction in Russia. Their height and abnormal shapes supposedly make the top of these rock giants inaccessible even to experienced rock-climbers.

Higher resolutions images are available at the official Komi Republic website.

manpupuner (2)

manpupuner (4)

manpupuner (5)

manpupuner (6)

manpupuner (7)

manpupuner (1)


  1. I guess this is where the Gog and Magog are inbedded.
    'O son of man turn your face against Gog prince of Magog of the land of Rosh- 'Russia' in the uttermost north- 'komi republic'
    They will break out of this barrier during 'the end times' and ally with Persia- 'IRAN' to destroy the children of Israel. But they'll get their a** kicked by the messaih!

  2. Definitely not "impossible to climb." In fact, I'm confident that several of them could easily be free climbed. A more likely scenario is that it is illegal to climb them.

    1. Send us some pictures when you get to the top smart guy.


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