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The Most Identical British Twins Competition

On Monday, June 21, an Identical Twins competition was held at Pineapple Studios in London. The competition was won by 18 year old twin sisters Pearl and Ruby Day.

identical-twins (12)

The winners Pearl and Ruby Day.

identical-twins (8)

identical-twins (11)

Among the other contestants - Sophia and Chloe Scherer

identical-twins (1)

Leah and Holly

identical-twins (2)

Danielle and Nicole

identical-twins (3)

Romina and Davin

identical-twins (4)

Nathaniel and Ishmael

identical-twins (5)

Lauren and Sabrina

identical-twins (6)

Polly and Sophie Duneym

identical-twins (7)

Susie and Rosie Millen

identical-twins (9)

Samantha and Amanda Marchant, former participants of the reality show "Big Brother", known under the common name Samanda.

identical-twins (10)

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