The Spanish Baby Jumping Festival of El Colacho

Jun 20, 2010 8 comments

Every year during the month of June, the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia near Burgos holds its traditional Baby-Jumping Festival as part of its Corpus Christi celebrations. During the act, known as El Colacho, men dressed as the Devil (known as the Colacho) leaps over babies born during the previous twelve months of the year who lie on mattresses in the street.

el-colacho (1)

The Catholic festival of Corpus Christi is celebrated all over Spain with processions, mystery plays and a wide variety of popular celebrations, but this bizarre tradition is seen only in Castrillo de Murcia. The tradition dates back to 1620, although the origins are vague. It is believed that as the incarnate devils jump they take all their evil with them and the children are cleansed.

el-colacho (4)

el-colacho (5)

el-colacho (6)

el-colacho (7)

el-colacho (8)

el-colacho (2)

el-colacho (3)

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  1. I wonder how many, if any people have died from this.

    1. None have. My two children have been jumped over and I have attended the festival 4 or 5 times. The men who jump are very serious and practice a lot before it is time to jump.

  2. I shudder to think what would happen if that guy does not complete his, if he lands half-way through or something!

  3. He doesn't win the contest, that's what happens!

  4. it's a 7 foot jump. any spaniard with half a bottle of red wine in him can make it easy.

  5. pobres criatures :'(


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