The Artificial Beaches of Paris

Jul 23, 2010 6 comments

A section of the pedestrian bank along the river Seine in the centre of Paris, has been designated the "Paris Beach" and has become a summer attraction in the city. Thousands of tons of sand are imported along with full size palm trees, beach chairs and chaise-lounges to create what may be the only artificial "beach" in Europe. It's bizarre, but the French love it.

paris-beach (8)

Initially there was a single beach on the Rive Droite in 2002. In 2006 a second beach was added on the Rive Gauche. The third beach was added this summer on the River Seine. The scheme has proven a major success -  the number of visitors has grown each year and topped four million in 2007. Every season, new features are added which include a shuttle ferry linking the two riverbanks, a floating swimming pool, and another beach area at La Villette, in the northeast corner of the city.

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  1. "It's bizarre, but the French love it."
    NO WAY! I'm French and I live in Paris and I absolutely don't love it... They close a very usefull road crossing Paris for 2 monthes to do that, it's a shame and what about kids playing in sand where the dogs and rats piss at night? Don't go there... definitely...

  2. Oh, come on. All beaches are dirty. Does that mean you never go to a beach?

  3. If you let your kids eat poop, your problem, I don't want mines to...

  4. hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    "If you let your kids eat poop, your problem, I don't want mines to..."

    lol....I think you should be concerned about the fact that your kids are eating sand at all....

    wow.....thanks for the laugh!

  5. ahahah what a tool ... "they close a very usefull road" like driving your fucking car thru the center of the city is so fucking important, much more than allowing 1000s of people to have a little fun in the summer... Whatever. Tho it's not perfect, the beach is good clean fun and free for everyone, which is not that bad.


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