The Heat Wave

Jul 15, 2010 0 comments

A number of countries in Europe and North America are suffering the hottest temperatures of the year, and the heat wave will most likely continue throughout July. The US East Coast and parts of the Midwest, have seen temperatures reaching 38 C and higher, pushing power companies to the limit, and driving residents to municipal "cooling centers,". People in New York are seen using  fire hydrants to cool off even as authorities advised people not to do so. In Toronto, authorities have opened up cooling centers for people needing a place to get out of the sun. In Montreal, swimming pools and children's splash pads are also staying open longer.

A fire tender of the New York Fire Department cooling himself with water from the fire truck


A passerby in Shanghai, holds an umbrella to protect from the sun.


Visitors enjoying themselves in a water park in Ontario.


A girl swims in Lake Ontario in Toronto during 30-degree heat on July 5.


Tourist Debbie Rich, from Saunemin, Illinois, bends over in the shade to find comfort from the heat and humidity while visiting the World War II Memorial in Washington, July 7, 2010.


Four-year Diane Jennings plays in the spray of a hydrant in the upper Manhattan district of Washington Heights.


Decosta Jennings and his daughter Diana jets under an open hydrant in the upper Manhattan.


A woman and child in the spray from a fire hydrant during a heat wave in Brooklyn.


People poured water on each other from a hydrant in Brooklyn in New York.


A worker on the construction site in Ottawa, plunges his head in a bucket of water.


People drink water from drinking fountains, which were set up in New York, thanks to the charitable program “Water On The Go”.


A woman in a fountain in Rome. Photo taken on July 3, the day when the temperature reached 37° C.


A woman buying ice cream in New York.


A man jumps into the water in Sochi on 6 July.


Girls relaxing in a hot summer day in Retiro Park in Madrid.


Young Chinese boys jump into the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Central China. The temperature in most parts of China reached nearly 40° C.


Teens bathe in the Fountain of Friendship of Peoples in Moscow.


A Madrid zoo provides frozen fruits elephants.


A grizzly waves to visitors at the Madrid zoo on a hot summer day.



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