The Termite Pavilion: View Inside a Termite Mound

Aug 22, 2010 11 comments

The ‘Termite Pavilion’ is a six square meter walk-in wooden structure inspired by the inside of a Namibian termite mound that was on display at the Pestival, a festival dedicated to insects, in London last year. The ‘Termite Pavilion’ allowed Pestival goers a unique insight into these extraordinary organic forms.

termite-pavilion (6)

The piece is in part based on the pioneering work of Dr Rupert Soar of Loughborough University’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and the TERMES (Termite Emulation of Regulatory Mound Environments by Simulation) project, a team of international experts based in Namibia who have created the first ever 3D scans of termite mounds. The termite mound scan was then scaled up to a size that allowed humans to move about the sensational structure.

termite-pavilion (4)

termite-pavilion (1)

termite-pavilion (2)

termite-pavilion (3)

termite-pavilion (5)

termite-pavilion (7)

[via Kuriositas]


  1. It's beautiful! I wonder how it feels to stand in it, what the airflow is like inside.

  2. I went inside that, it was quite surreal, but still very beautiful.

  3. Love you blog. The cattle piture in awesome.

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  5. This pavilion, based on a interpret of a Namibian insect position, has been erected on Writer's Southerly Bank for Pestival, a weekend of events celebrating insects. The six blocky prosody toy is built up of 51 layers of CNC-cut laminated groom. It's acollaboration between Softroom Architects, Freeform Technology, Studio One, Store Writer and wildlife recordist Chris Technologist.

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  6. Nature is beautiful is it not?


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