The Bear Who Practices Yoga

Sep 16, 2010 11 comments

A Slovenian tourist on a visit to the Ahtari zoo in Finland captured these remarkable images of a female brown bear practicing Yoga. The female bear, called Santra, performs routine stretching exercise for about 15 minutes every day she wakes up from a nap.

bear-yoga (1)

"She held her legs with her hands for a minute or two in a V position and then put them down and relaxed," said Meta Penca, a 29-year-old web programmer to The Daily Mail. "Then she put up her left leg and put it straight with her hands and held it with her left hand for a bit. Then she lifted the other leg, straightened it and held it with her right hand for around two minutes and then had a little rest and then all over again.”

"It was exactly the same as when you see people do yoga; easy, slow, focused and calm. She looked pretty into it, a really straight face, no looking around just very serious and calm and kept her eyes slightly opened and focused."

Santra and her partner are one of the oldest inhabitants of the zoo. It is not known, though, from whom she learnt this ancient Indian discipline.

bear-yoga (2)

bear-yoga (3)

bear-yoga (4)

bear-yoga (5)

bear-yoga (6)

bear-yoga (7) 

Pictures: Meta Penca / BNPS


  1. That was sick! I want to have a bear like that! Seriously! LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. That's sick that you want to OWN the bear too.

  3. Wow, what a great time to have a camera! Animals can do some interesting things sometimes! To the bear it just seemed as though she was stretching her legs but to humans, her stretches are artforms. You have very amusing pictures on your site especially this yoga bear :)

  4. Such a cute article! It helped inspire my poem "Beating Belly Bulge" and I have included a link back to the article. Rhyme Me A Smile

  5. I see why so many of you get mawled and eatten up by wild animals.

    It's still a bear fool!

  6. No way!! wow!!
    - Jas

  7. Nice! She knows how to take care of her body.

  8. Perhaps people learned yoga from the animals.

  9. The pose is called balancing bear. For a reason, apparently. Just as children naturally engage child's pose.


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