Barbie Foot: Soccer Table for Females

Oct 26, 2010 2 comments

French designer Chloe Ruchon, with her creation Barbie Foot, gave the manly game of football a decidedly feminine touch. She replaced the foos men with the iconic Barbie doll.

barbie-foot (1)

The “Barbie Foot” gathers two opposed universes in one object. On one side, it is Barbie’s pink, frilly world. On another side, a brutal and male world of table-soccer, the one we traditionally call Baby-Foot.

Barbie became a symbol of ideal femininity, with exacerbated body proportions and the entire landscape of fantasies that surround this cliché. Baby-foot mostly suggests bars and beers. The movements and sounds involved in the game are loud and rather violent. By bringing the two worlds together, Barbie-foot wishes to stimulate thoughts about different mentalities and the pre-digested everyday codes we commonly face.

The Barbie Foot, was made in collaboration with Mattel and foosball manufacturer Baby-foot Bonzini. It was showcased in the DMY Berlin Design Festival 2009. Each table is priced at 10,000 euros!

barbie-foot (2)

barbie-foot (3)

barbie-foot (4)

barbie-foot (5)

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