Furniture Made from Rusted Soviet Naval Mines

Oct 19, 2010 1 comments

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin creates furniture and other housewares from rusting naval "Blok" mines recovered from an ex-Soviet fortress on Naissaar Island, an Estonian island off the Finnish coast.

mine-furnitures (3)

The Naissaar Island has always interested the rulers of Estonia. With the erection of the first military object – a  cannon battery – in 1705 till the outbreak of World War I, various military fortification were erected and cannon batteries laid. A large factory for assembling marine mines in the centre of the island was also in operation. During the 1990s the Soviet army burned the explosives out of the mines that were stored and in working order, leaving a multitude of cases scattered around. Lots of them were taken to the mainland as scrap-iron during the cleaning of the island. Mati Karmin managed to salvage some of these are turned them into cosy chairs, beds, bathtubs and even baby carriages!

mine-furnitures (12)

mine-furnitures (2)

mine-furnitures (4)

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