KOZO Lamps: A Plumber’s Dream Lamp

Oct 12, 2010 0 comments

Israeli designer, David Benatan's new collection of KOZO Lamps are put together with rough but robust plumbing pipes and joints. The pipes that are used for KOZO Lamps were sourced, according to the designer, from “around the world”, and are left as is, so the wear and tear and the rust and dirt that the pipes gained from everyday usage are still there. Each part is engraved with the original trademarks and not a pipe is cleaned, rusty or not.  Benatan has wired up the plumbing parts, arranging them in lamp designs that are quite sculptural. That’s not all, the lamp can be turned on and off by turning a faucet!

The KOZO lamp is available for sale at Etsy, starting at a $199.

kozo-lamp (2)

kozo-lamp (1)

kozo-lamp (5)

kozo-lamp (3)

kozo-lamp (4)

kozo-lamp (6)


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