Salon du Chocolat 2010 Paris: The Fashion Show

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Salon du Chocolat is one of the most popular chocolate festival in Paris. This 16th annual event has just opened it’s doors to the delight of tens of thousands of chocolate lovers of all ages. From 28 October to 1 November 2010, the world’s biggest chocolate festival will bring together chocolate exhibitors and those eager to sample their goodies for five days of chocolate heaven.

The 16th edition will feature more than four hundred participants. Among them: exhibitors, cocoa producers and chocolatiers from around the world will present their products and share some of their secrets. Visitors have a great chance to see live recipe demonstrations by international master chiefs and, of course, enjoy the chocolate dress parade!

Fashion designers in collaboration with chocolatiers have created amazing and delicious costumes, dresses, shoes, hats and other accessories - all made from a variety of different chocolate.

salon-du-chocolate (1)

Spanish model Irene Salvador displays chocolate dress by Patrice Shapona.

salon-du-chocolate (2)

salon-du-chocolate (3)

Belgian television presenter and actress Maureen Dor in a dress created by expert pastry Stephanie Bonn.

salon-du-chocolate (4)

A model shows accessories made of colored fruits and seeds of the cacao tree.

salon-du-chocolate (5)

French actress Rebecca Hampton fans herself with six different varieties of chocolate. Her unusual dress was made by chocolatiers Victoire Fin and Olivia Luve

salon-du-chocolate (6)

Brazilian model Christina Cordula displays a dress decorated with dark chocolate.

salon-du-chocolate (7)

salon-du-chocolate (8)

Inna Mojo, a singer from Mali, in a dress from Jean-Paul Hevin.

salon-du-chocolate (9)

salon-du-chocolate (10)

salon-du-chocolate (14)

Actress Nubia Esteban wears a chocolate outfit inside a chocolate cage

salon-du-chocolate (11)

salon-du-chocolate (12)

Frank Leboeuf, former French footballer, became the only man participating in the chocolate fashion show.

salon-du-chocolate (13)

salon-du-chocolate (15)

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