Port Lockroy Museum and Post Office in Antarctica

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Port Lockroy is a natural harbour on the Antarctic Peninsula of the British Antarctic Territory. Originally discovered in 1903 by a French Antarctic expedition, the port was named 'Port LaCroix' after Edouard LaCroix who helped finance the expedition. Over the years Port Lockroy found use as an anchorage by whalers and in 1944 became 'British Base A', the first of the more than 20 eventual British bases established in Antarctica.

After the close of World War II it functioned as a civilian research outpost and was eventually shut down in 1962. It sat abandoned until a British team renovated the historical site and opened it as a monument and museum in 1996. This base is now restored as a historic site which has a gift shop and the only public post office on the Antarctic peninula.

Port Lockroy museum and post office is operated by the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust and proceeds from the small souvenir shop fund the upkeep of the site and other historic sites and monuments in Antarctica.

port-lockroy (3)

port-lockroy (2)

The abandoned British base at Port Lockroy, 1962

port-lockroy (1)

Food rations on display at the museum

port-lockroy (4)

Port Lockroy sends dozens of postcards a week that get ferried once every two weeks to the Falkland Islands, and from there to England, no matter where their final destination may be.

port-lockroy (10)

The Lockroy weather station. Recording the barometric pressure and temperature throughout the year, this was one of the most vital pieces of equipment in the station

port-lockroy (9)

The Lockroy kitchen (above and below)

port-lockroy (5)

port-lockroy (6)

Only 4 people can stay at Port Lockroy. They all share a common bedroom with a bunk in each of the four corners of the room

port-lockroy (8)

In the Port Lockroy gift shop stands a painting possibly done by one of the early lodgers, some 50 years ago. Seems they never finished, and the model had to do without hands and only one arm!

port-lockroy (7)

At Port Lockroy, penguins and humans live in perfect harmony. Most of the current research revolves around the local Gentoo penguin population, and observing the impact of humans on their environment. Half the island is open to tourists, while the other half is reserved for penguins.

port-lockroy (11)

Pictures: Antarctic Fury


  1. I watched this programme in amazement. I would not mind going myself as i love everything cold,snowy and icy. The Penguins are Beautiful and you do such a good job here!!!. It must be breathtaking. What a Beautiful place, i wish i could live somewhere like this permanently and work in the Post Office. My perfect location and job!!!!. Keep up the good work!!. Love and Hugs to the Penguinsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rose

  2. i was there in the port lockroy base january 2000 , what a beautiful place!passed with the MV Bremen, i remember lots of penguins almost near the door of the base....eheh

  3. The scenery undoubtedly is spectacular & I love the penguins too, but I don't think I can endure that kind of extreme cold for a long period of time. Two, three days would be just fine for me...........just to see everything & take some photos.

  4. I recently watched this espisode and thought it was great! Hope to see another extension of it, but one that focuses more on their daily existence as well as their interactions with postal staff. Awesome!

  5. I watched the program and was delighted to see the interaction between penguins and humans. Great stuff. Also would love to get one or two of their postcards, anyone know if this is possible without actually going to antartica???,


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