2010 Winter in Pictures

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Winter has hit the United States and parts of Europe with an intense not felt for nearly half a century. Temperatures has fallen to –20 degree Celsius and less at places, and meteorological experts has predicted status quo for days to come.

In this gallery we look at how people are coping (or enjoying) the incessant snowing and bone chilling cold this winter.


Patrick Case and Jesse Sebelko rake the car out of snow in Yu Claire, Wisconsin. (Steve Kinderman / Eau Claire Leader-Telegram)


Ice bound trees along the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. After a wind speed of 64 mph temperature dropped to -10. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)


A woman is waiting for a bus in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, Dec. 13. frosts and heavy snow caused chaos on the roads and delayed flights. (Tony Dejak / AP)


Heavy snowfall in Merrillville, Indiana. Snow and cold have caused problems on roads in northwest Indiana. (Jeffrey D. Nicholls / Post-Tribune via AP)


Ryan Shaw (left) and Jeff Messenger clean snow off the tracks in Bowling Green, Ohio. (JD Pooley / AP)


A truck collapse near Meysvillya, Kentucky. (Terry Prather / The Ledger Independent via AP)


The young man braves the snow in the center of Atlanta, Georgia. (David Goldman / AP)


Homeless man Robert Metzner cycling in Cincinnati, Ohio. Metzner said that he had been a year living on the street. "Summer is not so bad, but now things got worse." (Carrie Cochran / The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP)


Abby Watkins laughs as Gregory received a snowball in the face, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. (Joe Imel / Daily News via AP)


Hannah Kissel (left) with brother Ethan find a way to use a trampoline in winter time in the backyard of his home in St. Joseph, Indiana. (Denny Simmons / The Evansville Courier & Press)


Icicles on the railing near the lighthouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Kristyna Wentz-graff / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)


Michael Stevens, removes snow plows around a neighbor's car in Winona, Minnesota. (Andrew Link / Winona Daily News)


Dan Hall clears away the snow from the traffic light in Spring Bend, Wisconsin. He and other employees of the department of public works day and night to clean the snow off city roads. (Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)


Larry Mayer rakes the snow off the track in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Tom Dahlin / Getty Images)


Margaret Patchin walks through the snow in the heart of Traverse City, Michigan. "The Church has canceled the service, but some parishioners do not like to cancel it after breakfast," - said Patchin. - It gives me a chance to walk. " (Keith King / Traverse City Record-Eagle)


Snowfall in the center of Traverse City, Michigan. (Keith King / Traverse City Record-Eagle)


Car with a tree on the roof was going to snow-covered field in Traverse City, Michigan. (Keith King / Traverse City Record-Eagle)


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