Africa’s First Elephant Underpass

Jan 30, 2011 1 comments

How did the elephants cross the road? They went underneath it.

Elephants this month began crossing through Africa's first dedicated elephant underpass in Kenya. It's a new solution to the increasing problem of animal-human conflict in Africa. The tunnel, which cost £130,000 to build, is designed to link two groups of the beasts previously separated by a busy motorway. The underpass, built using donations, reconnects wilderness areas on Mount Kenya's highlands and the lower forests and plains — linking 2,000 elephants with 5,000 more below.


The 15-foot-high tunnel opened for elephant business around Christmas, and on Jan. 1 a bull elephant named Tony made the first crossing.

Kenya's elephant underpass may be the first in Africa but not the world. China and India have elephant underpasses, and India even has elephant overpasses.



Elephant underpass


  1. They look happy but curious who is photographing their secret place. Still, I see gratefullness in his cute face.

    Rhyme Me a Smile


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