Mermaid Bar at Sacramento

Jan 9, 2011 3 comments

A mermaid bar is set to open at Sacramento, California, later this month. The bar - named Dive Bar - houses a 40-foot-long, 7,500-gallon aquarium where you will find several exotic fishes and a couple of mermaids of both gender. The tank which weighs 150,000 pounds (update: seems like a wrong figure. Source) without water and 50 tons with it will be the biggest aquarium in a nightlife venue in the world.

Owner George Karpaty said he used his experience opening award-winning Ruby Skye and four other Bay Area nightclubs to create unique design elements for his newest project. Inside the gourmet pizza restaurant, Pizza Rock, a DJ will play music from a retro Mack truck that appears to be breaking through the ceiling 15 feet in the air.

"I think this is the most creative project we've ever done. Period," Karpaty said. "It's revolutionary stuff."


Aimee Alejandra, left, and Ellen Hancock, right, practice their moves while swimming as mermaids above the bar at the soon-to-open Dive Bar on K Street


Rachel Smith carries her tail upstairs where she will get into the aquarium to swim as a mermaid



Rachel Smith takes a shower before diving into the aquarium


Rachel Smith puts on her mermaid tail before immersing underwater.



Ellen Hancock practices her moves while swimming as a mermaid in an aquarium above the bar




Rose Hill of Los Gatos, a professional make-up artist for television and film, applies makeup on Claire Lehman. Hill designed the make-up themes for all the mermaids as shown on the pictures behind her and instructed them how to apply it on themselves. The make-up she uses is waterproof as well as fish friendly.


Professional mermaid, Linden Wolbert, left, from Los Angeles, was on hand to consult with girls hired to swim as mermaids at the soon-to-open Dive Bar on K Street. Make-up artist, Rose Hill, right, was there to design and teach the mermaids to do their make-up.



Aimee Alejandra, right, and Ellen Hancock come up for air above the aquarium while swimming as mermaids.



Photos: Lezlie Sterling


  1. Hi there, in your intro up top, you said the tank weighs 150,000 pounds empty, which is app. 68,000 kg ( 68 tons ). So my question is how come with water in it, it weighs less (50 tons). You might get people confused there...

  2. Thanks for correcting me. The figures are definitely messed up. I think the 50 tons is correct.

  3. How can a former lifeguard and swim intructer apply to become a mermaid?


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