Cabin Built From Fossilized Dinosaur Bones

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Located near Medicine Bow, Wyoming, along US Route 30 lies one of USA’s oddest roadside attraction. It’s a cabin constructed out of fossilized dinosaur bones. It contains 5,796 pieces of bones recovered from the nearby Como Bluff, one of the major sites for the early discovery of dinosaur.


The cabin was built as part of a gasoline filling station by Thomas Boylan in the early 1930s. Thomas Boylan had been collecting bones for seventeen years, intending to create sculptures of dinosaurs in front of his house and gas station along the Lincoln Highway. But when Boylan realized that the bones came from various species and there appeared to be no complete specimen in the entire pile, he dropped the idea and instead built the 29 feet by 19 feet cabin with the help of his son.

The cabin gained attention in 1938 when it appeared in Ripley's Believe It or Not. Ripley called it "The World's Oldest Cabin" although many common rock formations predate the era of dinosaurs. After the Ripley mention, Boylan also called the cabin the "Creation Museum" and "The Building that Used to Walk."

Boylan died in 1947, but the gas station continued until the 1960s operated by his widow. When the construction of Interstate 80 caused a fall-off in traffic on Route 30, the cabin was sold in 1974 to the current owner, Jodie Fultz. Reportedly the fossil cabin is for sale again and may be moved away from the location.








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