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Upside Down House in Germany

Dirk Oster, an investor living in Hamburg, Germany, commissioned carpenters Gerhard Mordhorst, Gesellse Splettstößer and Manfred Kolax to build an upside down house (not the first), as an attraction for a local zoo in Getorff, Germany.


Standing on a pointed roof and supported by steel beams in the attic, the 23 feet tall house has an upside-down kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Inside, everything from the fruit bowl, to sofas to kitchen sink are hanging over head. In total they screwed 50 separate pieces into the floor-ceiling, including beds, tables, a microwave and pictures. The heaviest piece of furniture was a 100lb wardrobe with mirror.

It was also built on a slight incline to challenge the viewer’s perspective.

The house has been a source of much amusement to visitors to the zoo since it opened for public in March 2010.






[via DailyMail]

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