Fly Geyser: A Man Made Geyser in Nevada

Apr 7, 2011 2 comments

Fly Geyser is a very little known tourist attraction, even to Nevada residents. It is located right near the edge of Fly Reservoir and is only about 5 feet high, 12 feet if you count the mound on which it sits. The Geyser is not an entirely natural phenomenon, and was accidentally created in 1916 during the drilling of a well. The well functioned normally for several decades, but then in the 1960s geothermally heated water found a weak spot in the wall and began escaping to the surface. Dissolved minerals started rising and piling up, creating the mount on which the geyser sits, offering an eerie, out-of-the-world sight. The mound is still growing to date.


Fly Geyser is located on the private Fly Ranch currently owned by Todd Jaksick and is accessible only by a small private dirt road. The geyser is protected from trespassers by a high fence and a locked gate with several metal spokes on the top, but despite the booby traps, many people still prefer to jump the fence to get a better look. Several organizations have tried to purchase the land for conservation, and make it open to the public, but have been denied.

Fly Geyser is located approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Gerlach, in Washoe County, Nevada, less than a mile from State Route 34. The Geyser is about 1/3 miles from the road and is large enough to be seen from the road.







Source: Wikipedia
Photos: Michael Flick, SRDaly, eaross1961, Lalalaa Dolce Vita


  1. Looks like there's multiple exit points, now...

  2. The ranch has now been purchased by the Burning Man Project.


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