I’m Not What You Think: Product Designs by Mehmet Gozetlik

Apr 20, 2011 2 comments

The pair of batteries you see below are not batteries. They are salt and pepper shakers designed by Turkish designer Mehmet Gozetlik. These stainless steel and glass shakers are available in colors of Red&Turquoise or Black&white. The power indicators on the sides correlate to the amount of spices left in the shakers.


Mr Gozetlik builds common household products but designed to look like something else. Apart from the The Salt & Pepper Cell, he has also designed iPod headphones that look like a doctor’s stethoscope, clocks that look like radios, radios that look like clocks, looking glass mirrors that look like solar panels and others. Unfortunately, other than the “Salt&Pepper Cell”, all the products are just concepts.

Below are some more of his incredibly clever design.

The “Salt&Pepper Cell” is for sale at Amazon.



The "Stetheadphone" is headset with remote and mic that you can make and receive calls, access voice-control features, and listen to and manage playback from your iPhone or iPod. Material used is ultra light and flexible plastic. Also three sizes of soft silicone ear tips help you tailor a fit that's right for you.



The "SolarClone" is a modern cheval glass mirror that looks like expensive solar panels. It is made from recycled material to help save the planet too. Material is used for white finished recycled aluminum and ultra clear mirror as the material mirror of solar equipment. Solarclone is just a prototype and not into production yet.




“Time tuner” is a clock that shows time on liner scale similar to the tuner found in analog radios.It's available in red, yellow, blue, orange or green and the dimensions are 340x65x65mm. “Time Tuner” is just a prototype and not into production yet.




“Spoticam” is a table lamp that looks like a security cameras. It comes with adjustable arm, you can use it on your table or wall. It has two color options, pure white or raw aluminum.



"Tuner Time" is a stereo FM radio. It has two control unit on the center. One wheel for frequency tuning, one wheel for volume, also it comes with remote control.




  1. Nice design, especially batteries are cool!

  2. ALL his stuff is cool! Not only is it original, but the looks work: they appeal to Sci-Fi lovers who ate more likely to have scientific or computer jobs and therefore $ to spend on novelty items. Something investors should consider... I hope he gets his other items released onto the market.


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