Dirk Skreber’s Car Crash Sculptures

May 27, 2011 3 comments

German artist Dirk Skreber’s paintings and sculptures have consistently mined the catastrophic- either in the aftermath of a devastating flood, crumbled body of a car following a violent accident or aerial views of the potentially disastrous, such as a nuclear power plant in Iran. For Skreber, natural disasters, car crashes and near-miss train accidents become monumental icons of beauty.

At Saatchi Gallery in London, is displayed the mangled wrecks of two sports cars – a red Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and black Hyundai Tiburon - violently wrapped around a pole.


Skreber, 49, bought both the cars "as a regular client" with the intention of smashing them. He found a vehicle-testing facility in Ohio and choreographed both accidents.

"It was fun to do, awesome and super-intense," he said. "If you pass an accident and see a car like this, it's occupied by tragic thoughts for the people that would be involved, and you might see blood. This work gives you an opportunity to see the things like in a dream. It's clean and polished and abstract."




[via This is London]


  1. That happened to me once.

    1. Once would be enough for most people.

  2. Car crash is really very sad incident, but sometimes it is fun when company go for car crash test. Company is spending much money on vehicle-testing facility through artificial crash to test the strength of the car. This work gives an opportunity to see the real life car accident. Through car crash test company try to see the actual strength of the car and if needed more features can be added.


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