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Intricately Detailed Sculptures by Adam Beane

Born in Massachusetts, Adam Beane is quite a unique sculptor, known for his dynamic compositions, action poses, nuanced drapery work and his ability to capture likenesses with expressions.

From 1999 to 2001 Adam worked in two toy-prototype shops as a machinist where he used a variety of materials to produce everything from toy trucks to squirt guns. In the course of his jobs Adam was occasionally called on to use his burgeoning sculpting abilities to produce renditions of characters from children’s movies and TV shows. That was the extent of his forays into sculpting until 2002, when he had an opportunity to try sculpting sports figures as a freelancer for McFarlane Toys. He immediately took to it and by the end of the year had become one of their top freelance sculptors.


Frustrated by the limitations of all sculpting materials available, Adam invented CX5, a tremendously versatile material that handles like clay when warm, but is hard as plastic when cool. CX5 is completely reusable and can be sanded, polished or melted and cast into molds. Adam plans to make the material commercially available by the end of the year. Additionally, he will be offering sculpture workshops and instructional videos.











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