Mysterious And Cinematic Photography by Stewart Isbell

Jul 24, 2011 1 comments

Stewart Isbell found his interest in photography at the young age of 15 while growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was always seen spending his time living in the darkroom, working on the yearbook or school newspaper. Those formative years solidified his goals of having a career in photography.

A few years later, he loaded up and followed his dreams to New York City to study at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. There he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography back in 2001. He began to shoot commercial assignments early on during his second year in school and things have taken off from there.


One of his recent photo series entitled “Then Quietly They Came” is best described by Creativedusk:

It began with a strange, bright light coming from the fields. No one knew what it was, but it was happening more and more in cornfields. Strange noises coming from wooded areas. Curiosity got the better of most people. Even your own car started emitting the light that would just transfix you. It drew you towards it like a lighthouse beacon. Crop circles appeared in the morning. Unexplained corpses were found semi-submerged. Fear started to spread in communities. People were determined to defend themselves. But the lights kept coming, even in broad daylight, in public places. Nothing could be done to stop the light. Then the men in contamination suits came. Evacuation, they said.










  1. The 5th picture (the guy lying in a pond in the forest) is so badly edited!


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