Snake Massage Spa in Israel

Jul 29, 2011 14 comments

An Israeli health and beauty spa is offering a creepy new service for its customers - Snake Massage. For just $80 you can have large slithering reptiles such as California and Florida king snakes, corn snakes and milk snakes, wriggle down your back and up your spine and across your face. If you don’t freak out, it can be soothing experience, as the spa owner Ada Barak will tell you.

Barak figured out several years ago that heavy king and corn snakes produce a relaxing kneading sensation. She says that once people get over any initial misgivings, they find physical contact with the snakes to be stress relieving.

"Some people said that holding the snakes made them feel better, relaxed," she said "One old lady said it was soothing, like a cold compress."

The size of the snakes depends on the type of massage - the larger ones are said to alleviate deeper muscle tensions and the smaller ones create a 'fluttering' effect. All are the snakes used are non-venomous. Oh! What a relief.













Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images via Avaxnews


  1. I think you have to be totally mad to even think about doing that!!

  2. awesomeeeeeeee my first snake massage

  3. Would the snake they use won't bite? its amaze me how this people try this kind of therapy or massage. it looks creepy and scary.

    1. I do it already at home with my boa, feels great! And he loves it too!

  4. the snake is the lowest form of life and represents Satan...NO THANKS. thats just "creepy"...pun intended.

    1. The devil is said to have taken the form of a serpent. That doesn’t mean all snakes represent evil. It’s very close minded to think that. They are animals just like your tiger, dog, cat, bird, etc. As the owner of 12 snakes and other “creepy” animals, I can assure you they are NOT the lowest form of life. They are a predator and are also preyed upon and play a valuable role in our ecosystem.

      Not to mention rattlesnake venom is used to treat heart diseases and is also being researched to develop other medicines, such as some treatments for cancer.

      This is coming from someone who was raised in a Christian family. None of us fear snakes and just about all of us had a pet one here and there.

    2. Satan does not exist. Neither does god. They are both fairy tales. The "lowest form of life" lived 3.4 billion years ago and is the common ancestor to every organism on the planet that has ever lived.

      There are no such thing as "primitive" or "advanced" species, there are only ancestral and derived character states that organisms possess. Snakes, which belong in the clade Squamata, are derived lizards that lost pectoral and pelvic girdles and hind and forelimbs. They are anything but a "low life form".

      The only thing I find disturbing, is your ignorance. No pun intended.

    3. Ditto. Thanks for saving me a posting!

    4. you are technically grammatically incorrect in saying that the word "creepy" is a pun the way you used it. it's only a pun if you play on two meanings or pronunciations of a merely repeated/quoted the use of the word "creepy". And just because Satan took the form of a serpent does not make them "the lowest form of life" nor do they "represent" Satan. They are used on occasion to relate to evil much like the lion and lamb are used to relate to God and his followers. Like me. I am a Christian, making me a "lamb" of the Lord. I follow him and try my best to live by his word. Do not ever judge a book by its cover.

    5. How do you know, proof positive that God & satan do not exist? Who told you these are fairy tales?

      Do you not realize there are spiritual realms that cannot be touched or seen until that last breath is taken and all life ceases in the human body?

  5. The snake does not represent Satan. That is a biased, backwards way of thinking. Just because the snake was USED BY Satan does not mean it represents Satan. The snake is not a lower life form, worms, slugs, and people who think like you are. Without snakes we would be overrun with rodents which by the way carry diseases that kill humans. Snakes go out of their way to avoid human contact and only bite when disturbed by humans who intend to kill them or if accidentally stepped on. You need a serious education on snakes.

  6. I am a Christian, raised in a Christian household and I for one LOVE reptiles, especially serpents. Satan merely took the form of a snake in order to fool Eve. My parents worry about my love of snakes, I know that they think that, me being a Goth and liking snakes and whatnot, it is evil, but snakes are no different than any other animal really. You don't have to fear them or hate them any more than you should fear or hate the common puppy, kitten, cow, etc. Please stop being so narrow-minded. Must I remind you that Satan and all demonic beings of Hell take many forms, sometimes even that of your best friend?

    1. Snakes' brains are actually very primitive, in contrast to dogs, dolphins, even birds!

  7. Wackiest Spa Treatments for the Rich:Snake Massage Elephant Massage,Gold Massage,Bird Poop Massage, Placenta massage???


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