Deserted Gas Stations

Aug 25, 2011 4 comments

Have you ever stopped at a gas stations to appreciate its beauty? Matt Barnes did. In his series titled ‘Cold Stations’, the London-based photographer captured gas stations in cold winter nights when they are at their most deserted.

Matt Barnes’ photographic subjects are primarily non-human. He aims to invokes William Everdell’s idea that ‘we call “modern” everything that happened to any other culture after it had built its first railroad.’ Barnes applies minimal post production to his photographs, when he applies any at all. His influences are mainly street photography, the New Topographics and Graffiti.







  1. It's odd how even though they are deserted and apparently closed...each one of them has the lights full on and the lights are what makes these pics so cute.

    Nice shots! Me like.

  2. I find petrol stations so damn haunting! I don't know why, have failed to explain it to myself-there is just something about them, like they are alive even when deserted, a feeling very difficult to explain...

  3. @ Missy

    I know You will probably never see this response, but... these stations are not closed or deserted, they have lights on because they're 24h automated stations with no staff.

  4. Deserted gas station at night... And "non-human" subjects, eh? Reminds me of "Black Eye Kids" stories... :)


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