Photo-realistic Paintings by Yigal Ozeri

Aug 4, 2011 11 comments

Yigal Ozeri was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, but lives and works in New York. Ozeri is acclaimed for his hyper-realistic large-scale cinematic portraits of young woman together or alone often naked or semi-naked in lush landscapes under expansive skies.

Ozeri first shoots photographs of his models and digitally works on them in his computer using Photoshop. Then he prints the photos and uses them as a guide to paint with oil on large canvas.

You wouldn’t know these are paintings would you?















Yigal Ozeri in his studio in Queens, NY.

[via Mike Weiss Gallery]


  1. He paints over photos that is why they are all finished when he is working on them...

    1. he doesn't paint over photos - he takes photos - then does a drawing on paper of the photo then paints that - he isn't just painting over a photo - there are some of the greatest artists in history who couldn't do what he does - when you see the work up close it is astounding!

    2. trust me he paints over them. there is a photo under all the paintings. it's a scam.

    3. How is it a scam?. Warhol used actual photos as did every photo realist, before the camera people like Vermeer used grids so what? It's actually easier to not paint over a photo as the oil thinners damage photos so you would not be able to make one mistake. Anyone who sees this art and is amazed understands, anyone who says stupid things like it's a scam or what's the point knows nothing about painting. These paintings are stunning I could look at them all day they are alive with the energy of artist and subject. All the greats were controversial though, nothing changes.

    4. Follow this link and you will see that you are wrong, they are drawn first on paper by his assistants, he uses a team like the classical painters did.

  2. What's the point of it? Apart from showing off, of course. Ah yes, they must be selling well.

    1. The point is to turn a simple photograph into an iconic and mind bending work of art. Hope this helps.

  3. I detect jealousy from some of the commenters. These paintings are astounding.

  4. How is painting over a photo a scam? What about Warhol using a Xerox? Not that he does that, have you tried it it's easier to not paint over a photo, as soon as you have to use oil thinners the photo would be damaged so you are back to copying from photos again. Using photos for photo realism has been used since the beginning of photo realism. Anyone who sees this painting and is amazed understands what is involved.

  5. I think one point everyone is missing (including the author of the article) is how amazing the photos themselves must be. If the photos are as good as the paintings, are they not art as well? Don't we admire and praise photographers who can capture a moment in time and make it iconic? I'd love to see the photography he works from.


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