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European Vegetable Carving Championships

Vegetable carvers from around the world are taking part in the first European Carving Championships being held within the GÄSTE 2011 Trade Fair for the Restaurant, Hotel and Catering Business, in Leipzig, Germany. The three-day championships which was held from September 4th till 6th, included both individual and team competition. Individual food sculptors competed with each other in three categories: individual, cocktail and platter set and composition, and then teamed with fellow competitors for the live carving competition.

In the latter competition, participants had four hours to use their imagination and creativity to carve in front of the jury’s eyes. Each participant was provided with a basket containing melons, giant papayas, kohlrabi, cucumbers, radishes, Chinese cabbages and carrots. Participants may bring their own pumpkin too.


Vegetable sculptor Vadim Nefedov fits wings on an eagle he carved at the first European Carving Championship in Leipzig, Germany.  (AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)

The art of vegetable carving originated in China but has acquired numerous followers in Europe in recent years. In future, the competition will be staged every two years at alternating venues.


A melon depicting a Viking.  (AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)




Penguin from eggplant and carrots.  (AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)


Flower carved of out of a mango.  (AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)



German master of carving Winfried Karras working on his entry entitled "Asian beauty". The work is carved from a watermelon.  (AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)


Two beautiful frogs of cucumbers and carrots.  (AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)


Russian master carving Anastasia Korsakova gives the final touches on his work during the first European Championship in Leipzig (AFP PHOTO / Jan Woitas)


[via timesofmalta]

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