Superman Fan Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like The Superhero

Oct 16, 2011 7 comments

Most kids will eventually get over their childhood obsession with comic book superheroes by the time they reach high school, but not Herbert Chavez. This 35-year old Filipino designer is so crazed with Superman that he has undergone several cosmetic surgery for his nose, cheeks, lips and chin down to his thighs and even his skin color to look more like the "Man of Steel."

For more than a decade, Chavez has undergone a series of procedures that have made his nose higher and slimmed down his thighs. He has had surgery on his cheeks, lips and chin, and injections to whiten his skin. He is planning for more operations that will give him more muscular abdomen and even looking forward to having metal inserted in his legs to make him taller. He has designed his own Superman costumes and when not in them, he sports thick, black glasses to assume his idol's nerdier incarnation, mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent.


Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/REUTERS

Herbert Chavez’s admiration began when he was a child and watched Superman lifting a stack of cars on the big screen. He later began collecting Superman memorabilia, amassing a huge collection over the years. Now his house is packed with Superman cups, bed spreads, action figures and life-size Superman statues.

Just like Superman, Chavez has two identities, working during the day as a dress designer and pageant trainer. His Superman persona comes to life after work. People in Calamba, south of Manila, refer to him as the "village superman."


Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/REUTERS


Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/REUTERS


Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/REUTERS


Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/REUTERS


Jay Directo / AFP - Getty Images


Jay Directo / AFP - Getty Images


Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/REUTERS


Photo: Cheryl Ravelo/REUTERS

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  1. He's not bad looking!! And here I find myself dangling off the side of a building needing rescuing...!!! :P
    - Jas

  2. Seriously???
    A gym membership would have been cheaper

  3. He needs to have his tights tailored, too ....

  4. No pictures as Clark Kent! And yeah, pectoral implants are common in LA but the guys who get them are exercising yet can't seem to get specs large enough, do they get a little help. This guy has NO muscles. There, or elsewhere. So it will look funny, out of place. And the legs thing? I think only China does that, but it hurts like hell while they get stretched for weeks, and it:s either the thighs or the calves, but not both, so it looks funny too!

  5. WOW that kid has serious identity issues.. Doesn't he remind you of Michael Jackson.. lol


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