Bosco Verticale: World’s First Vertical Forest in Milan

Nov 8, 2011 9 comments

A fascinating new pair of residential tower called Bosco Verticale is being constructed at Milan, Italy. Designed by architect Stefano Boeri, Bosco Verticale is being construed as “a project for metropolitan reforestation that contributes to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity without the implication of expanding the city upon the territory”. Towering over the city’s skyline the world's first forest in the sky will be a sight to behold. The 27 storied building will accommodate nearly one hectare of forest trees as tall as oak and amelanchiers in its cleverly designed balconies. The 365 and 260 foot emerald twin towers will house an astonishing 900 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 ground cover plants.

This is a concept illustration of how Bosco Verticale will look like when completed.


In summer, the trees will provide shade and filter the city’s dust; in winter, sunlight will shrine through the bare branches. Bosco Verticale's greenery will absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, while protecting the building from wind and penetrating sunlight. Boeri claims that the inclusion of trees adds just 5 percent to construction costs, and is a necessary response to the sprawl of the modern city. If the units were individual houses, it would require 50,000 sq m of land, and 10,000 sq m of woodland.


Update: Bosco Verticale after it was completed.

[via Tree Hugger]


  1. Amazing Man... Wish to visit all the places...

  2. fascinating indeed! great pictures..just imagine decorating all those trees on Christmas and put the lights on...

  3. hmmm what about autumn and the fall of leafs? the city will be covered in that!

    "weather forecast for today: 30% chance of leaf precipitation."

  4. Yes I certainly would not like to be walking by this building on a wet, windy day in Autumn/Winter.

  5. The roots of the trees will make this building an epic fail.

  6. Enviro-mental junk.....what happens when a tree dies or suddenly falls over (either through a window or landing on the street and hurting or killing some poor pedestrian?) What kind of trees are they going to plant? They better be small ones because it'll be a pain the prune them back! This yet another example of feel-good, save the planet hype, while the 'genius' who comes up with the idea has zero experience with gardening. Or even understand the basics of planting or taking care of plants. How many of these pencil neck, urban dwelling, 'I'm gonna save the planet and now I've got a huge case of smugness" could even plant a simple garden? Answer ZERO!

  7. I guess they're using trees that do not have roots large enough to displace even concrete... My ex bf had to have a tree uprooted on his property as it was pushing up a part of the Guesthouse that contained a glass enclosed (on 3 sides and the roof) bathtub/spa! Better yet: they can transplant the trees to a non-forested area once they reach a certain size and start new forests! And start over on the building with younger trees...

  8. Grate ! Now the world tallest vertical forest tower is being built in Colombo , Sri Lanka , Clearpoint Tower in Ragajiriya. Clearpoint Tower will be 46 stored building with balconies and corridors full of treas and bushes.
    Indeed Bosco is the first vertical forest tower , then Clearpoint Tower which is being constructed and will be finished in 2015 in Sri Lanka not only the first vertical forest tower in Sri Lanka but also the tallest vertical forest tower in the world.


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