Creative Sculptures Promoting London Ink

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London Ink is a reality show on the Discovery Channel based around a tattoo parlor run by Louis Molloy, who inked David Beckham and Kate Moss. The show features the trials and tribulations of daily life in the shop, as well as delving into the personal stories of the customers. The show which was premiered on September 2007 was promoted by two gigantic figures installed on two different location around London. A statue of a giant lady with her head stuck in a photo booth was exhibited in Victoria train station, and another sculpture of a swimmer swimming through the grass took up residence near the tower bridge. Both sculptures sported elaborate tattoos promoting London Ink.


Photo: Getty Images

The tattoos were designed by Louis Molloy himself. The swimmer had a classic Japanese Carp shown on a bed of chips and newspaper with a Japanese wave-style splash of vinegar on top, while the girl at Victoria Station had a tattoo of a stylised pigeon made to look like a classic "war eagle" tattoo, complete with tattered feathers and a gimpy foot.


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