Cauliflower Explosions by Brock Davis

Feb 8, 2012 1 comments

Brock Davis is a Minneapolis-based artist and musician who works on primarily self-initiated projects in a variety of mediums. Humor is a constant in his work, transforming objects in unexpected ways to surprise the viewer. His Broccoli House and Exhibitionist Coffee Cup were viral hits over the Internet.

His latest addition to the ongoing Food Stuff series consist of famous explosions created with cauliflower heads.


Above is the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion of 1986 created with cauliflower, and below is the actual photograph.



Above: Hindenburg explosion, 1937, created with cauliflower. Below: Actual photograph of the event.



Above: Atomic blast over Nagasaki, 1945, created with cauliflower. Below: the famous photograph.Nagasaki1

[via Kottke]


  1. He's going to run out of explosions to mimic very fast... And start making his own. Oh, no!


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