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Beautiful Colored Pencil Drawings by Joseph Crone

Joseph Crone graduated from the Herron School of Art and Design the summer of 2010 with the intention to explore, through the realistic duality of technical drawing and sculptural framework, the recesses and storytelling of the human mind. Using staged photographs as a reference, Crone creates scenes of hyper-real, luminescent precision reminiscent of film noir stills.

His recent accomplishments include the Robert Beckmann Emerging Artist Fellowship as well as the Stutz Artist Association’s Residency Program. Crone had also received placement within the top 30 finalists amongst 2100 entrants in the Saatchi Online Drawing Showdown. His work has been exhibited locally and published in Colored Pencil Magazine, Strokes of Genius 2, BLUECANVAS Magazine issue #8, Studio Visit Magazine volume 15, and Southwest Art Magazine.








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