World's Longest Yard Sale on U.S. Route 127

Jun 4, 2012 2 comments

The World's Largest Yard Sale, also known as the Highway 127 Corridor Sale or simply 127 Yard Sale, is an outdoor second-hand sale held annually for four days beginning the first Thursday in August along U.S. Route 127. The sale along the scenic route extends a staggering 690 miles and attracts thousands of bargain hunters all over the country. Thousands of vendors take part in the sale each year, including families selling second-hand goods from their yards as well as professional vendors grouped in central rented spaces selling everything from antiques and regional hand-made crafts to new and used household items, clothing, jewelry, trinkets, collectibles and more.

The four-day event is a boon to not only sellers but other local merchants such as hotels, restaurants and gas stations, who see a big spike in business. In addition to offering a truly unique shopping experience, there are more than three hundred attractions along the route to enjoy including parks, hiking and riding trails, historic and cultural sites, majestic vistas, regional music, river activities and waterfalls. The downside is slow bumper-to-bumper traffic in certain congested spots.


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The original idea of the yard sale came from Fentress County, Tennessee county executive Mike Walker. The county administrators needed a way to lure travelers off the interstate highways and onto the back roads along the Route 127 through Kentucky and Tennessee. The first yard sale was held in 1987. When it began, the sale route followed US 127 from Covington, Kentucky to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The success seen in Fentress County tempted neighboring areas to get in on the event, and stretch by stretch, the sale expanded. Today the sale extends 690 miles from Gadsden, Alabama all the way up to Hudson, Michigan.


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