Delicious Looking Faux Food Soaps by Aubrey Elizabeth

Aug 21, 2012 1 comments

Aubrey Elizabeth is a Boston-based artist and founder of Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary, a fun and clever line of bath and body goods such as faux food soaps. Aubrey Elizabeth began making soaps because her mother always said that “a homemade gift is better”. She started crafting adorable handmade soaps shaped and scented like s’mores, waffles, and fresh-baked bread as presents for family and friends. Encouraged by her friends, Aubrey setup an Etsy shop in November last year and now spends 10 to 15 hours a week churning out customizable soaps, scrubs and creams, which she packages by hand, decorates with labels of her own design, and ships to locations as distant as Australia and China.

When asked what inspired her to create food inspired soaps Aubrey explained that as a total foodie she naturally drifted towards making cupcake and ice cream soaps. Aubrey says, “It’s what I love… and if I can have both a real treat and a soap treat in the shower, I’m a happy camper. “


Besides food, Aubrey’s soaps come in a variety of forms – birds, zombies, weapons and even moustaches. The most popular items in the Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary collection include cinnamon bun soaps, sugar lip scrubs and zombie soap sandwiches. But popularity changes seasonally and based on the holidays. Recently with Father’s Day mini beer mug soaps were flying off the shelves.











Sources: Boston Magazine, Lady Spa Spa


  1. Some people make tiny food items that are extremely accurate out of polymer clay. One Guy in Singapore makes whole sushi bento boxes that fit in the palm of your hand! He also makes miniscule sea creatures - like sharks and crabs - that can fit on the tip of a finger with tons of room to spare!


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