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Giant Vegetables at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, one of Britain’s most prestigious gardening shows, took place last weekend – September 14 to 16. The show offered thousands of gardeners, landscapers and horticulturists a chance to celebrate this year’s successes and look forward to the new growing season. The show featured the battle of the giants where gardeners from across Britain show off colossal vegetable and flower crops in hopes of earning a coveted award from the judges.


Weightlifter Jonathan Walker prepares to lift a marrow weighing 119lbs 12oz (54.3kg) above his head after it won the Giant Marrow Class in the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. The marrow was grown by Peter Glazebrook from Newark who took six first prize awards in the Giant Vegetable classes at the show.


Giant vegetable grower Peter Glazebrook with his world record onion. It weighed in at 18lbs 1oz (8.16kg), beating his previous world record by almost two ounces. He won all six classes in the giant vegetable competition during the show at The Great Yorkshire Showground.


Peter Glazebrook wheels in his prize-winning giant cabbage, which weighs 81lb 6oz (36.74kg)


Visitors look at carrots in the Giant Vegetable competition.



Displays of seasonal fruits and prize winning apples.







And, of course, given the name of the show, there are displays of flowers, too

via The Telegraph

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