Winning Images of Children's Eyes on Earth Photography Contest

Nov 9, 2012 1 comments

Last September, kids all over the world were invited to enter their pictures in the Children's Eyes on Earth photo contest to help raise awareness of environmental issues while giving budding artists a chance to share their visions with the world. The contest which was limited to photographers 17 and younger, asked entrants to portray challenges to the environment in a way that inspires their elders to take action.

The contest was created by IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) along with the photographer and National Geographic photographer and humanitarian Reza. Six photographs were chosen from over 4,000 entries from over 90 countries.


The winning photograph of the inaugural Children’s Eyes On Earth International Youth Photography Contest was taken by eight-year-old Anastasya Vorobko from Saint Petersburg in Russia. Anastasya’s photograph titled “SOS” depicts a bird flying over the thick smog being emitted from a factory funnel. Anastasya has only been taking photographs for a year but is keen to document the environment through photography. Upon finding out that she had won the contest, she said:

I’m so excited about winning the Children’s Eyes On Earth contest – it’s really inspired me to keep taking photographs to tell stories. I wanted to show everyone how bad the air is in our city. I see the bird in this picture as carrying a message around the world, with the hope that adults everywhere will start to care about the air that we breathe. If we don’t look after our planet, then who will?

Here are the winning images and some of the selected ones. You can see more submissions on Children's Eyes On Earth’s website.


The wining photo of the Children's Eyes on Earth International Youth Photography Contest 2012, taken by 8-year-old Russian Anastaya Vorobko


Second prize: Emergency Exit by Juan Carlos Canales, 14 years old from Spain.


Joint third prize went to Michael Theodric, 10, from Indonesia for "Morning at Situ Gunung".


Joint third place went to Biana Stan, 14, from Romania for "Fields of green".


Special prize winner Sophie Vela, 14, from France took this elegiac photo of a plastic bag caught by a gust of wind.


Your Choice prize went to Kseniya Saberzhanova, 17, from Russia for "The last breath".


"Peaceful co-existence' 9-year-old Darpan Basak's shot of children playing in a stream with water buffalo.


Raghav Paul, 14, took a shot of migratory birds in India.


"A monkey in a mini zoo", taken by 14-year-old Eugene Konopleva, from Ukraine.


Nicholas Morreau, 16, Australia, Keeping an Eye on Things


Sazzid Ahmed, 17 years old, Bangladesh. Grain


Kristina bychkova, 17 years old, Italy. Animals are not things


Mary Ann Tablante, 16 years old, Philippines. In The Dumps


Agathe Giacometti, 13, France Balade le long du courant d'Huchet

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