Acrobatic Fishermen of New Caledonia

Dec 17, 2012 0 comments

Photographer Stephane Ducandas captured this incredible moment of a fisherman frozen mid-air as he leaps to catch a fish with a spear. Part of a sea clan, living almost entirely from fish and other sea creatures, the fisherman shows off his incredible skill and accuracy in the beautiful tropical paradise on Loyalty Island Province, part of New Caledonia - a small group of islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean. St├ęphane, who lives on the islands, captured the amazing photo using his DSLR camera in a specialist underwater waterproof bag to protect it from the water and using his reactions to snap the photo at the perfect time.

The fisherman in the picture is named Albert and the long spear his is using is known as Assegai. Albert and his clan’s fishing technique is unique in the world.


St├ęphane said: “I have never seen this type of fishing anywhere else. In New Caledonia, some prawn fisherman use Assegai. But jumping like this with that incredible precision was absolutely amazing and typical of Loyalty Island.”

Stephane Ducandas was born in New Caledonia where he lived for seven years before traveling the world because of his father's job. Eventually he returned to his homeland seven years ago to re-discover his native country.

Ducandas continues to document the beautiful islands of New Caledonia, which you can see in his Flickr stream.








via DailyMail


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