Skywalking in Russia

Dec 22, 2012 5 comments

Skywalking is the latest photography fad in Russia, where thrill-seeking climbers seek out the highest mad made structures they can find, climb to the apexes without proper safety equipment, and then shoot photographs of themselves and breath-taking view below, often hanging in precarious position.

Lately two photographers, Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnev, have been generating a lot of buzz around this subject.

Photographer Alexander Remnev who captured these incredible shots in Moscow, told the Daily Mail that there are as many 200 photographers in Russia, most of them students, that do this type of risky photography. Alexander Remnev himself is only 18 years old.


Alexander and his friends often trespass in order to get to the vantage points slipping through open doors, climbing stairs or ladders to the roof. Every climb is done without a harness so it is important to keep a cool head. His biggest challenge, he said, was a building with 74 floors - a staggering 900ft tall.

He explained: “I got involved with this because I've always liked to take pictures from above. I wanted to know the unknown and conquer the unconquered. I love to watch from above as the sun sets. I also like to sit on the roof with my friends and talk about topical issues or discuss the news. As a rule, we choose buildings in Moscow but when we've got spare time we will travel to other cities.”









via PetaPixel


  1. Watch that last step, it's a doozy. :)

  2. That is so disturbing. Makes me dizzy to look at it. Enjoy, boys!

  3. If I don't wear my glasses and I can't see very far down, I'm OK! No, really! Problem is, we got earthquakes in California...

  4. Where is the person taking the photo?!

  5. I've seen a video of these guys before, it weird that some people are so unaffected by heights that they can walk around on poles as thick as an arm, so high up, as though they were only an inch of the ground.


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