Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Diego Fazio

Jan 3, 2013 34 comments

It’s hard to believe these pictures are not photographs. They are pencil drawings made by Diego Fazio, a 23 year old self-taught artist living in Italy. Also known as DiegoKoi on Deviantart, Diego started off as a tattoo artist but eventually began drawing bodies instead of drawing on them. Each meticulously detailed portrait can take up to 200 hours to complete.

Fazio has been awarded several honors for his work over the last few years.










  1. These are awesome! I want to see more!

  2. these are fake, staged photos

    1. There is enough info about this artist across the web to find out that that is not true. Still, despite knowing this I still can not get my brain to accept this is not a photo.

      If he were to sit infront of me and draw this himself, I would still look at it at the end and ask him when he switched it our for a photo.

      His talet is unbelievable .

    2. People are willing to believe anything so long as it's possible.
      IMO, fakes.

    3. Be Quiet.. You are just mad that you can't even draw a smiley face:)))) Here are some facts about hi before you talk anymore.. you are just dumb: In the 1930s and '40s, Diego Rivera painted several murals in the United States.In 1907, Rivera traveled to Europe to further his art studies. There, he befriended many leading artists of the day, including Pablo Picasso.

    4. Not the same Diego.

    5. 100% FAKE, if you know anything about drawing you must know the creation process (called workflow) goes in layers, starting from sketch. On his photos he show that he draw like a printer, without sketch, reference photo, or any evidence of layers of work. Thats number one. #2 Pencil that on nall photos he uses, does not produce that kind of black lol. #3 he does not have any reference photo anywhere around, but on the picture I see perfect Depth of Field - which is produced only by photo lens and always different, so it is hard (if not impossible) to re-create in drawing, cause you are not machine. On the photo where I can see few real pencil strokes on the neck - it is so obviously FAKE. I tell you how its done... 1. Take photo to photo editor that convert photo into drawing and process. (Take photo of ready drawing). 2. Take photo to photoshop and using Erases tool erase partially drawing (take photo again). 3. Now print that in big format, take pencil, add few stroked and take photo doing that. 4. POst everything online in desc order - Congrats! You are Hyper-realism super star! LOL... If he was for real he would be represented in best galleries around the world, I haven't heard anyone offering him a wall lol. Common people, stop been so damn naive. FAKE it is.

    6. I agree with "Art Lover" sketching such a detailed image takes layers upon layers of refining the sketch, he is fake he jus
      took a picture
      "blur" erased half her face on photoshop
      printed out the half erased image
      stuck it on a drawing board
      pretended he is sketching it
      GENIUS, you retards require very very little proof to make you believe in anything. He should be one of the top artists in the world if he draws so great. Maybe contact him tell him to draw your face in front of him, Im sure he will refuse to FAKE

    7. Art Lover is right. Its Fake.

      Even I can take a picture
      photoshop it into pencil drawing
      then cut out half the face in the picture using blur tool
      Print it out
      put it on a drawing board and stand beside it pretending to be drawing

  3. his talent may be such due to a specific illness according to which the person is very sensitive to any detail even the most minor one, which will be neglected by a "normal" person, thus he may be so skillful artist.

  4. Replies
    1. I agree-but I don't...really beleive it.

  5. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate...

  6. I would be interested in knowing wether or not he uses a shadow method like the old masters. And if one piece takes 200 hrs how many pencils are used up, what does he use for rubbing, and what gage pencils and brand. Your won't achieve results like this from your standard yellow #2.

    1. He uses derwent pencils of all different shades. And to my knowledge and seeing him work I don't believe he blends at all. I have seen him just d raw every last detail. He does have walk in studio viewings where you can see him and other artists work

    2. Does he use any references?

  7. Gahh these are awesome!! I don't think I could ever have the patience to do something THIS involved! It's too exhausting!

  8. reallly his work is a dream it's like a migic ....unblievable..fantastic☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  9. For all of you who are saying Diego Fazio's artwork is fake, you truly don't know the human ability to create exceptional and amazing stuff. Fazio's drawing with the girl throwing water on her face is the best drawing piece I have seen yet. BEYOND AMAZING!!

  10. This are definitely not fake. Just because you have not seen it being done before does not mean that he cannot do it. For your information. He was brought in for an arts event in Singapore to showcase his photo realistic art works this year. And if you have seen his art work up close - you will be blown away. So for folks just dismissing this as folks just because you have not seen it live - open your mind to the possibility.

    Here's the link of his visit :

    1. To the people saying this is are all stupid, can't handle the truth that he is an amazing artist

    2. Hey now, go easy, I don't think that youy understand the method that artists use. They draw uin layers not chunks of a picture they don't detail one part until the whole thing is sketched-hear?

  11. This young man is so blessed by the hand of God. He has a talent most people would die for, I'm an artist and I couldn't compare. Absolutely Amazing

  12. Hey y'all! I bet that I can draw the same pictures that Fazio did an' make 'em look REAL!

  13. I think that I have to agree with your opinion.


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