Runway Over The Highway at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Feb 7, 2013 7 comments

The Leipzig/Halle Airport, sometimes called Schkeuditz Airport, is located in Schkeuditz, Germany and serves both Leipzig and Halle – two of the largest cities in the country. Lack of space required the modern airport terminal structure to spill over the adjacent motorway and railway that intersects the runway at right angles. To make room for the runway without affecting vehicular traffic on motorway A14 and rail traffic, three bridges were constructed over the motorway and the tracks, that allowed the parallel runways to extend to their full length of 3.6 km. These bridges are called Taxiways. Aircrafts would taxi on these taxiways at the time of takeoff and landing, while vehicles ply on the motorway below.

Taxiway E7 and E8 on the east are used as one way taxis and connect the terminal with the northern runway, while the third taxiway W1 in the west is used in both direction.

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  1. Hope be there someday! :D

  2. That's not entirely accurate, as the runway itself is not over the road.

  3. I was there when i arrived to Leipzig! It was realy amazing to cross the autobahn by plane and looking to the aoutos from the bridge through the illuminator! Really Amazing!

  4. Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas, USA , has a runway just like this.

  5. Taxiway: basically a road for planes connecting the terminal a the runway.

    Runway: that thing with skinny woman - wait the strip which the planes travels along (at high speed) when taking off or landing. Look on Google Earth. The road and railway run parallel to and between the two runways.


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