Mount Thor - The Greatest Vertical Drop on Earth

Mar 1, 2013 6 comments

Mount Thor, officially called the Thor Peak, in Auyuittuq National Park, on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, is a granite peak that features the world’s tallest purely vertical drop. The drop measures 1250m and angles inwards at 105 degrees making it more of an overhang. To put the height in context, the Eiffel Tower is 324m, the Empire State Building is 381m, the CN Tower is 553m, and the Burj Khalifa 828m.

Mount Thor is part of the Baffin Mountains which in turn form part of the Arctic Cordillera mountain range. The mountain is made of granite and is the most famous of Canada's mountains named "Thor". Despite the fact the mountain is in a remote area, it's a popular destination for avid mountain climbers. Mount Thor was first climbed in 1965 during the Alpine Club of Canada by an expedition led by Pat Baird. In July 2006, the first successful longest rappel was set on Mount Thor by an American team.


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  1. Wow... I "studied" Baffin island on Google Earth (how I travel between trips!), even saw pics on Mt. Thor, and never knew this!

  2. Anyone ever BASE jump from there?

  3. Yes. First jump August 8, 1988 by BASE#41 who later made the first jump off the Polar Sun Spire in 1999

  4. Perfect! I already know where to go if I have to end it!

    1. not good i would be too scared myself...


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