Paintings by Arturo Samaniego

Apr 24, 2013 1 comments

Arturo Samaniego is a painter, living and working in Naples, Florida. After years of figurative and portrait work, Samaniego has developed a style and a set of themes that suit his interest, and allow him to flex his creative muscles. Over the last few years his subject matter has become what he calls “contemporary still life”. The artist explains, “I am always inspired and challenged by the representational tradition of realism in oil painting, and I am equally intrigued by the energy and freedom of contemporary art. For this reason, my still lifes employ a careful execution in a realistic style, and also combine contemporary compositional elements, such as close-ups, sparse setups, clean lines, and the like.”

Before Arturo Samaniego took to art, he was in computer hardware business for 15 years, which was a far cry from his original plans. As a teenager, Samaniego knew he wanted to be an artist. He even took art classes at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, in Mexico, when he was young. Finally frustrated at the direction his life was going, in 2002, Samaniego decided to quit and dedicate himself to pursuing a fine-art career. He moved to Naples, Florida, where the artist set up a studio where he produces work and teaches small groups.






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  1. Very nice, though the 3rd one down looks like Gary Glitter to me


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