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Food Cut in Half: Photography by Beth Galton

New York-based food photographer Beth Galton, together with food stylist Charlotte Omnès, took these amazing photographs of different dishes including noodles, corn dogs and even a cup of coffee cut in half. Galton refrains from digitally combining multiple images into one, instead relying on strobes to freeze action.

The photos series was inspired by an assignment in which the duo were asked to cut a burrito in half for a client. “Normally for a job, we photograph the surface of food, occasionally taking a bite or a piece out but rarely the cross section of a finished dish,” said Beth Galton. Charlotte Omnès, and Galton thought it would be interesting to explore the interiors of various foods particularly items commonplace to our everyday life.


“Some items were straight forward and looked great being cut in half without any manipulation,” said Galton. “The donuts and ice cream were examples of this. Other items required food styling tricks such as using gelatin to solidify liquid in the soup cans and Kitchen Bouquet to color the bits of food in the noodle shot. Daniel Hurlburt, our digital tech/retoucher, was greatly involved and helped images that needed some adjusting and assembling all the elements we shot for the coffee pouring.”

Beth Galton graduated from Hiram College with a degree in studio art. Her attention to detail and strong sense of composition has allowed her to acquire a noteworthy client list including; Hellmann’s, Swanson Broth, Campbell’s Soup, Wendy’s, Kraft Foods, Stouffers, Nabisco, St. Ives and Amala skincare. Beth’s photographs have been published in many cookbooks and her work is exhibited periodically.

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